Art is therapy. Artists are healers.

Hi there!

My name is Teal, it is so nice to meet you all! I am from, and still reside in Delaware. I am a self-taught wood artist, creative type, lover of holistic medicine and healing, Intuitive empath, focused on conscious living and zero waste, DIY enthusiast, and certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator.

I first started a small business ‘Teal Marie Design’, with making home decor, tables, handmade goods, going around to all surrounding areas, attending and selling at Art Shows, and also taking on custom orders. I have a deep love for wood, and working/creating with my hands. I also have a Degree in Photography.

All the years of me studying, learning, and practicing holistic health, has led me here, not only focused on healing myself, physically, emotionally, and mentally, but healing YOU. I care about YOU, and I want you to live your life away from any personal pain you may be carrying along with you on your journey through this wonderful life.

I encourage you to take care of yourself.

I have always been a healer, even when I did not consciously know it. As an intuitive, I tend to carry other people’s emotions, and I carry all that excess energy in my whole body. My life path has been a beautiful one, but very difficult, draining, and overwhelming, and has pretty much ‘forced’ me to become as strong as I am, and still very emotional. A life that no one understands or gets, and I am totally OK with that. All of my past and present experiences have led to health problems, a strict and mindful diet, removing toxic people from my life, surrounding myself with those who inspire me and are full of love and non judgment, gaining a STRONG understanding of others, being positive, strong, kind to others ( because you never know what people are going through), I could go on and on!

I was introduced to steaming a couple years back by a good friend, but I never practiced until almost a year ago. Once I started practicing, I fell in LOVE. Not only has this practice heightened my connection to myself, and spirituality, regulate my cycles, and get rid of pain, it has helped me even practice calmness. It has also given me the desire to help other women feel the way I feel.

Please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Be truly well....


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