Frequently asked questions

What is vaginal steaming used for?

Most commonly used by midwives for postpartum care right after a woman has a baby. It is also used for post-period practice to get any leftover blood out of the vaginal tract. Treat gynecological problems, cramps, trouble conceiving, cysts, infections, dryness, more enjoyed intimacy

When should you steam?

When you are NOT on your period. Keep track of your period with a period app to help me determine when you should steam, please.

Steaming is recommended either once a week OR 3 days each day before your period and 3 days each day after your period to clean everything out!

If you have an IUD or you are on hormonal birth control. (if you do not get your period) You can steam once a week, or whenever you want to. You are only able to steam for 10 minutes at a time. If you are are birth control and you steam, please use protection right afterwards. Steaming makes you fertile.

Can you use essential oils?

Absolutely NOT. =) Essential oils are too strong.

I am trying to get pregnant, when should I steam?

When you are NOT ovulating. Again, you should be keeping track of all of this using a period app so that I can determine when is best for you. Steaming helps with fertility, so being consistent with steaming is best. Do not steam during ovulation, on your period, OR if you might be pregnant, this could possibly cause a miscarriage. because steaming opens up the cervix.

If you are being artificially inseminated, you do not steam after that.

How do I know how long I should steam for?

Please contact me.

Can steaming help me go into labor?

Yes! Steaming opens up the cervix, and this will absolutely help.

Is it normal to have discharge after steaming?

Yes, that is normal. You are steaming to cleanse and get rid of all the excess mucus and old residue, and it has to come out somehow!

Will steaming help with my terrible cramps I get before and during my period?

Yes. You improve circulation and get rid of stagnation, you are cleaning out old residue, so it should be used to help with any pain.

Especially for a girl who just starts her period, this is super beneficial to regulate her cycle.

Can you steam while breastfeeding or right after I have my baby?

Absolutely, steaming is super beneficial for postpartum healing and will also assist with milk production. Here are some other benefits for postpartum women.

  • Tonifiying the muscles of the vagina, uterus and surrounding structures.

  • Clearing out afterbirth

  • Loosen and dissolves scar tissue

  • Suture (stitches) Healing

  • Nourishing the uterus and surrounding structures.

  • Involution of the Uterus (Contraction of the uterus to a approximate pregnancy size)

  • Emotional Integration of the Birth Experience

  • Relaxation

  • Incontinence