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 I am now a certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator!

(also known as ‘Yoni steaming’)

What is yoni steaming?


Yoni steaming, A.K.A Vaginal steaming, is a self-healing practice to restore your health, balance your physical feminine cycles, ease the transition through life changes, unlock the divine love of your womb and vagina, and release toxic emotions built up such as stress, and become more in tune with yourself and raise your vibration!. It is for those who deeply desire to strengthen your physical, and emotional health and wellness, through organic herbal medicine.

It is the use of a stool ‘steam sauna,’ preferably made out of certain kinds of wood, that has an opening at the top, in which a woman sits on. Underneath, in the enclosed stool, is a steaming pot of healing herbs (certain ones that pertain to you). This herbal steam, then penetrates into the uterus for the amount of time recommended for you, releasing all the wonderful healing properties.

Vaginal steaming is a gentle yet powerful therapy that has been practiced for centuries around the world to care for those with a female reproductive system. Places such as South Korea, Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, and lots more! From the first period to postpartum to menopause.

Who can steam? Women of all ages, bodies & experiences

Some other reasons why you would want to steam :

~ Helps Menstrual Pain/ Irregular (and any) cycles & PMS

~ Cleanses the womb & aligns your heart

~ Infections

~ Fertility and infertility

~ PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, Ovarian cysts

~ Postpartum Healing

~ Tightens and Rejuvenates

~ Relaxation, helps release trauma and bad energy stored

~ Menopause

~ Reclaim sexual desire, passion & pleasure

~ Uterine irregularity

~ More intense and frequent orgasms

~ Uterine irregularity

~ All around body, mind, soul detox

~ Connects you to your goddess energy and feminine power

~ Can help cycle with the Full Moon

Set your intentions,

do something for yourself,

and experience this divine practice.

Do something for ‘your precious v”

you deserve it.

How to get started?

steam sessions coming VERY soon in my own home. “The ‘my precious v’ Steam Room” !!!

for right now, I am offering ‘My precious V” steam saunas for purchase, as well as herbal blends. The

stools I designed and built myself. I have been doing woodworking for about 4 years now!

I also recommend having a online/over the phone consultation with me, if you have not steamed before. If

you are going to have the service in my home, we will chat then!

Please do not just steam without speaking to me, there is a lot to know and educate yourself on.

If you have issues, you could make it worse. Be mindful of yourself and your health, it is very important!

Please visit my navigation menu to get all the information you need to know!