Most of side effects & benefits reported while steaming are very positive, and I know from personal experience. Here are some positive side effects known after steaming.

You must also know you may or may not have any side effects on the first steam, this is something you have to do each week or month, until you see results. Although there are many women who notice a positive effect after the first steam.

Better Sleep

Better self awareness

Decreased bloating

Help digestion

Help with weight loss

Fewer PMS Symptoms

Less Headaches

Increased energy

Increased libido

Overall better health and well being

More intimate intercourse

Lucid Dreams

Increased lubrication

If you have any health issues that is the reason way you are steaming in the first place, there will be effects that might not be so desirable.

Some of these may be:

Urge to urinate.

If you have the urge to urinate during your steam, go to the bathroom and empty your bladder. After that, continue. The bladder is right next to the vagina, so you will have the sensation to urinate.


This is because you most likely have old residue built up in the uterus. Steaming helps loosen up residue and gets it out of the uterus, you might experience some residue when you use the restroom. This is normal. If you experience anything that you might not be comfortable, please consult me. If you are concerned, steam with Soft Herbs, Mild setup.

Heavy bleeding.

If you start to bleed unexpectedly and it is also heavy and your cycle is 20 days or less, it may be a sign the steam was too hot and you steamed for too long. DO NOT continue to steam. Wait until the bleeding stops, switch to Soft herbs, and steam a MILD SETUP. Do not steam for more then 10 minutes.

DO NOT steam when you are bleeding.


You could have an increase of clumpy discharge, this is your uterus cleansing itself.

Steaming helps clear out infections and irregular mucus, which has the bacteria and yeast. So, when you experience this form of discharge, this is good sign because it has to come out somehow! The steaming is working. You may continue to steam until all of the mucus discharge is out.

This also goes with a Herpes Outbreak. If you have herpes, do a mild setup. This should prevent an outbreak, but if you continue to have an outbreak each time you steam, you may not be able to steam anymore.

Shorter Menstrual Cycles (27 Days or Shorter).

If steaming shortens your cycles, switch to the Soft Herbal Blend.